The lifecycle of a donation

Vail Vail Cares History

1991 - Jerry Milsaps, pastor of lake creek baptist church, began accepting donations of household items and clothing at his office and would distribute them to needy people in our community.

1992 - Benny Clark, another local pastor, and jerry organized vail valley cares and asked the congregations of the vail chapel for support.

1994 - They went to vail valley rotary to ask for a grant to open a thrift store in Edwards.  The vail rotary club guaranteed their rent for a year and provided many volunteer hours to get the store up and running.  

1995 - After only a few months, the store was financially independent and was looking for ways to help people in need.  A store in eagle was also opened.    

2000 - Greg Osteen joined vail valley cares in 1998 as executive director.  As the stores were self-sustaining, they began to make money.  They started looking at how we could benefit the community as a whole.  After researching many options, vvc began giving grants to local nonprofit organizations in the vail valley.  

2002 - The existing land in eagle was purchased for the thrifty shop to be built on chambers ave.

Eagle thrifty shop opens.

2014 - Vail Valley Cares thrifty shops employ 20-25 people and has given over $2.7m back to eagle county nonprofit organizations and scholarship recipients. 

2018- We are giving grants to nonprofit help organizations in our wonderful community for many successful years now. 

2019 – We celebrate 25 years of giving back to our community.

Want to Donate Large items? Call for a free pick up

Want to Donate Large items? Call for a free pick up